Lever Fever Reunion 2022

Lever Fever Reunion 2022

Oops! We did it again!

The well-attended meeting of Lever enthusiasts ended in the best possible way. On Friday 24 June 2022, professionals and enthusiasts met for a closed-door event with more than 50 participants from all over the world.

We couldn't have organised it without the help of the team and our suppliers, so we thought we'd list the links and references of the professionals who attended the event below.

If you liked a product or service, feel free to contact the suppliers and remind them that you are a friend of Levers ;)

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Featured at the event: Brita Marella water jugs

website: www.brita.it

email: professionalitalia@brita.net



website: www.bplus.biz



Featured at the event: brew bar

Representative at the event: Alice Monti

website: www.mirabilia.coffee

email: ciao@mirabilia.coffee



ACS - Advanced Coffee Solution

Featured at the event: ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva

Representative at the event: Paolo Cortese

website: www.elcor.it

email: sales@mevsrl.net



Featured at the event: Grindie Solo grinder

Representative at the event: Daniele Colizza

website: www.grindie.it

email: d.colizza@grindie.it


La Pavoni

Featured at the event: La Pavoni Professional and Cilindro grinder

Representative at the event: Francesco Jori, Giancarlo Zamboni

website: www.lapavoni.com

email: francesco.jori@lapavoni.it



Featured at the event: Manument Leva

Representatives at the event: Francesca Schulz, Gian Zaniol

website: www.manument.com

email: info@manument.com



Featured at the event: Nurri L-Type Leva S.A.

Representatives at the event: Antonio Nurri, Vitale Musella

website: www.nurri.coffee

email: info@nurri.coffee


Odyssey Espresso

Featured at the event: Odyssey Argos

Representative at the event: Ross Ainsworth

website: www.odysseyespresso.com

email: info@odysseyespresso.com


Olympia Express

Featured at the event: Olympia Cremina and Moca SD grinder

Representative at the event: Sascha Matiz

website: www.olympia-express.ch

email: info@olympia-express.ch



Bugan Coffee Lab

website: www.bugancoffeelab.com


Cafés Zaidin

website: www.soycafetera.es


Caffè Caroli

website: www.caffecaroli.it



Representative at the event: Tommaso Bongini

website: www.gearboxcoffeeroasters.coffee



website: www.grisocoffee.com


HMC - His Majesty the Coffee

website: www.hmcmonza.com


HUB Coffee Lab

website: www.hubcoffeelab.com



Matteo Molinelli

instagram: @mattemakescoffee

Lever Espresso Machines Manufacturers

Sponsor - Lever Fever Reunion 2022