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This magazine was born from the desire to share the knowledge related to the world of lever espresso machines. A world full of deeply passionate people but scattered all over the world. Our aim is to bring this knowledge together in one place and make it available to the widest possible audience.

Lever-operated machines have represented the birth of espresso as we know it today and since their invention, they have been able to revolutionise the world of coffee. They have accompanied us through an evolution of this fantastic raw material, showing us new potentialities and still continue doing it today.

We are therefore honoured to be able to announce the publication of our second edition, hoping to be able to accompany you a little bit along this journey.

The magazine is available in English, Italian and Chinese


Featured articles

Review Olympia Cremina SL

In June, Olympia, the historic Swiss espresso machine brand, announced to all fans the production of a new model, the Cremina SL. As the acronym SL (Spring Lever) suggests, this version differs from the previously known Cremina for ...

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Interview with Douglas Weber

Interview with Douglas Weber

I lived and breathed the Apple design culture for all the formative years of my career. I am extremely proud to have been able to work with what was, in the consumer goods space, probably the most influential team of designers in the last ...

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Faema Faemina & Eureka Mignon

Leo's limited edition Nira

I never make a random choice. I study roasters, I find out about their roasting profiles, and above all I look for information on the traceability of the single-origin coffees they roast. The motivation that guides my selection is sustainability at ...

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How to prevent channeling

The problem of channeling is a much more serious problem than many people think. When the water pressure hits the coffee, it disturbs the particles of the ground coffee and if the puck is not well prepared, cracks that ruin the extraction are ...

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Interview with Maurizio Valli

My name is Maurizio Valli, I am 40 years old, I am from Bergamo and I opened my coffee shop in 2000. I chose to delve into the world of coffee when I realized that I didn't know what I was selling from behind the counter. At that time, I was fed up ...

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Fully Washed Sidamo coffee

Ethiopia is one of the most important countries in terms of coffee cultivation. It is in fact the place of origin of this delicious raw material and one of the few places in the world where coffee grows wild. For this reason, over time many varieties ...

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