About us

Simone Forgia - Editor

At the age of 24, I consider myself a young coffee enthusiast. My passion for this magical drink was born right after I started drinking it regularly. Since then I have always tried to improve my technique and deepen my knowledge. I find that this world has many similarities with my other major passion: photography. The thing that fascinates me the most about coffee, however, is the complexity of flavours that can be extracted from a seed and the obstinate research on how to get the best out of them.

Claudio Santoro - Co-editor

Born in 1976, husband and father of two girls. Software developer in the aerospace field for over 20 years. I love music, technology, gardening, sci-fi, coffee and everything that has been very well designed and built. I enjoy using a lever machine everyday, in my opinion there is no other way to make an espresso. I love tinkering with my coffee gear and I moderate the La Pavoni, Olympia Lever Owners and Lever Fever Facebook groups.

Dante Spadini - Proofreader

63 years old, husband, father and a grandfather.
Born in England in 1961 and raised in Italy by the age of 12 I feel half English and half Italian. My passions are coffee, cinema and travelling.
After many years of being an export sales manager and an International purchase manager, I am now enjoying my retirement. I like being hands on with my coffee gear, so if there is any maintenance needed, I do it myself.

Arthur Yang - Chinese translator

With more than 25 years in the electronic industry, I founded Joytech in the year 2000; a company focused on computer components.
Since I started using a lever machine, my appreciation has gone beyond the simple delicious taste of coffee, and has been elevated to a spiritual level.
I thought I should introduce such amazing and wonderful lever coffee machines to more people, therefore, I set up an exhibition centre. Then I created the brand Bplus for coffee peripherals, to serve better tools to coffee lovers.