Discover the issue 4

Issue 4 - The Lever Magazine
It's that time of the year again and we are therefore excited to publish the 4th issue of The Lever Magazine. This issue has kept us busy as never before for much of 2021, putting us through our paces, but we're delighted with the articles we've managed to collect and we're sure you'll enjoy them too.


  • Gwilym Davies tells us how lever machines have accompanied him throughout his entire career.

  • We explore the most interesting modifications of the Bezzera Strega.

  • Pip de Pulford shows us a new grouphead concept that could be the next revolution in the world of espresso machines.

  • Our full review after one month of daily use of the ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva.

  • John Buckman of Decent Espresso tells us what he has learned from lever machines.

  • And much more 

What you will love of this issue

Lever espresso machine lovers are people who like analogue things and the feeling given by touching quality materials. For this reason we print the magazine on high-quality paper with 170 gsm inside pages and 250 gsm cover, with silk finish and even a coating to prevent that splashes of your coffee can damage the articles we have dedicated all our passion to.

If you like things made with care, are searching for a gift for a friend who is passionate about coffee, want to learn more about the world of lever machines because you don't yet know which coffee machine to get, or simply want to read a magazine with honest, non-sponsored articles, then this is probably what you are looking for.

This is also the last paper issue we will release for a while as we will then transition to a more blog-style version that will allow us to continue this project in a more sustainable way for our mental health and leisure, but with the same quality that has distinguished us so far. So secure your copy while you can, find your nearest distributor by clicking the button above.