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Issue 4 - The Lever Magazine


The fourth issue of The Lever Magazine has kept us busy as never before for much of 2021, putting us through our paces, but we're delighted with the articles we've managed to collect. It is the last release we have made to date, the most painstaking but also the one with the highest quality in our opinion and we're sure you'll enjoy it too.

Contents - 40 pages

  • Gwilym Davies shares how lever machines have accompanied him through his career.

  • An in-depth look at the Bezzera Strega takes us through its most common modifications.

  • Pip de Pulford tells us about a new system he has developed to generate pressure that could be quite innovative.

  • An amusing insight into the Faema Baby written by Francesco Ceccarelli.

  • Comprehensive review of the Vesuvius Evo Leva from the Neapolitan manufacturer ACS.

  • Interview with one of the greatest collectors of lever machines: Henk Langkemper.

  • John Buckman of Decent Espresso tells us what he has learned from lever machines.

  • A new approach to water treatment leads us to reconsider what we use for our machines.

Available languages

  • English

  • Italian